Ovofull Basic Instant- Natural

Ovofull Basic Instant™ is Instant Egg White is developed by the team of InmaculadaFitness™.

Ovofull Basic Instant is specially designed for drinking in shakes.

Ovofull Basic Instant contains all essential amino acids and branched chain (BCAA).

Product free of salmonella.

Serving suggestion: Put in a shaker or in a glass, milk, soy, fruit juice or nutritional supplements ... and add 1-5 scoops of Ovofull Basic Instant, shake or move some seconds it is ready to drink.

Once prepared if not want to drink it inmediately, refrigerate and drink before 24 hours.

•1 scoop of Basic Instant (6g) equivalent to 8g of protein = 1.6 egg white.

•5 scoop of Basic Instant (30g) equivalent to 24.5g of protein = 8 egg white.