Ovofull Pancakes Natural

Ovofull Pancakes Natural™ is the preparation for making the pancakes egg whites with whole grain oat flour and stevia (natural sweetener).

Ovofull Pancakes contains betaglucan, a soluble fiber necessary in the diet. The regular use of betaglucan (3 grams per day) helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

• 2 Pancakes contain 1.6g of Betaglucan, over of 50% of the recommended daily dose Product free of salmonella.

1. Put in a shaker about 100ml of water or milk and add 3 scoops (30g) of Pancakes and shake vigorously for at least 5 seconds.

2. Add the mixture in a nonstick pan (previously hot). Gild to taste and turn around to the other side.

3. Ready to eat and enjoy. Do not forget that you can take directly into smoothies without having to cook with water, milk or juice.