Ovofull Pancakes - Vanilla

Ovofull Pancakes™is a preparation for the production of pancakes with oats and egg white developed by the team of InmaculadaFitness™.

Ovofull Pancakes is easy to ideal to eat at breakfast, as a snack, before training or any time of the day.

Pancakes Ovofull contains all essential amino acids and branched chain (BCAA).

Free product of Salmonella

Serving suggestion : Put in a shaker  about 100-150ml of water, milk or juice and add 4     scoops (30g) of Pancakes, shake vigorously at least 10 seconds and add the mixture in a nonstick skillet (previously hot) and cook to taste.

 Total estimated time to make the pancake: 5min.

One Pancakes of Ovofull of 30g of product protein equivalent a 4 egg whites.

Once the pancake list can enrich your taste, adding jam, fruit, syrup, sauces ...